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In a space of months Oscar Soletto's certified Pilates Studio, Pilatesaigon has gone from strenght-to strenght as the Vietnamese discover another way to get fit....

Word magazine - The brains behind Pilatesaigon....

AsiaLife Magazine Ho Chi Minh City, Health & Wellness

AsiaLife Magazine

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Top notch trainer, very professional and skilled. Awesome experience - highly recommend to everybody!

Franz Welponer


Very professional, top new equipment and very clean studio. You're in good hands with Oscar, he's the best I found in saigon so far.

Joyce Hu


Highly recommended, very professional and friendly service . 

Chris Adam


Awesome, Oscar and Pilates Saigon has been a game changer for my back issues. I'm getting stronger every week.

Sharyn Hahn Streitberg


Finally an excellent Pilates Studio is come in Town, professional trainers and western machines in a pleasant and cool environment! 
That's what expats in HCMC were waiting for!!!!

Matteo Pizzi


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