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Become a Certified Pilates Instructor with our 500+ hour training program. PILATESAIGON offers not only one of the most profoundly effective exercise systems ever developed, but gives special emphasis to the extensive rehabilitative aspects of the work of Joseph H. Pilates. The importance of quality instruction, well-rounded, innovative training, and good credentials cannot be ignored in today’s competitive world. The PILATESAIGON Teacher Training Program offers the finest Pilates instructor educational programs available and is staffed with vetted, international and qualified teachers.

In our programs, we dive immediately into the structure of the human body – covering anatomy, physiology and  biomechanics. You’ll use these fundamentals throughout the in-depth and rigorous studio sessions – first learning how the body works, and then learning how to apply this knowledge through Pilates-evolved and Pilates-based exercises.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be qualified to teach at the end of the Pilates Teacher Training at PILATESAIGON(R)?

Yes! Once all classroom hours, apprentice hours, homework assignments, and exams are completed you will be ready to teach Pilates sessions. You are eligible to seek employment anywhere, not just at PILATESAIGON. One of the benefits of training at PILATESAIGON is that after successful completion of the intermediate material and exam, you are eligible to interview for employment at PILATESAIGON studio as a student teacher.


Does the full program include training on all the apparatus?

The Comprehensive program includes training on the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, with small props like Resistance bands, Circles, Toning balls and Stability balls.


How many students enroll in each training, on average? What is the typical age range of participants?

Each Mat/Ref/Cadillac Certificate course ranges from 8 - 10 participants, and each Comprehensive training course has between 5 and 10 participants. We have students from ages 18 and up from all walks of life!


Are books and training materials included in the price of the teacher training?

A comprehensive and detailed manual is included in your tuition price. Additional readings and textbooks are not included in the tuition price and will be your responsibility. Comprehensive students will be required to read ‘Return to Life’ by Joseph H. Pilates and also must have a copy of ‘Trail Guide to the Body’.


What if I want to teach at PILATESAIGON after the training is completed?

The comprehensive program and mat certificate course will prepare you to teach anywhere. Upon successful completion of your intermediate test out, you can apply for positions at PILATESAIGON. Completion of the training is great preparation for working at these world-class facilities, but it is not a guarantee of future employment with PILATESAIGON. Use your time during the training to form a network with your teacher trainers and fellow trainees to begin to develop your business relationships for your future teaching path.


I have only been practicing Pilates for a short time. Can I still attend the Pilates Teacher Training at PILATESAIGON?

While it is recommended that you have been practicing Pilates for at least one year (or 20+ classes) to begin the Comprehensive Training and at least 10 group mat classes for the Mat Certificate course, anyone with the desire to learn is invited to attend the trainings. Everyone is welcome to deepen their involvement with this amazing practice no matter what the experience level.


Sessions and Enrollment

Typology Course
Class Dates

Comprehensive Mat+Ref

August 3,4,10,11,17,18,24,25,31 September,1

Matwork Level 1

August 22,29,September 5,12,19

Reformer Level 1

October 5,6,12,13,19,20,24,31

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